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Jeffrey’s process, which incorporates the Michael Chekhov system and other complimenting techniques, has been very important and stimulating for me regarding my work as an actor. His specific direction with me during the audition process for the Stockholm University of the Theatre Arts proved very successful, as I was one of 1500+ applicants accepted into the 10 person program. We worked mainly with the Chekhov technique, using the physical condition to find essential emotional states for three scenes. We discussed the message, purpose, and analyzed the different dynamics within the monologues. Jeff’s creativity was an integral part of the final formation and composition of all the work and with determination and perseverance we created very good material that I'm incredibly proud of. Jeff’s work is demanding, consistent and most certainly provides specific results. Above all, Jeff pressed me to be present, take ownership and aided in me being able to find my specific desires while on the stage. Thank you for your inspiring work Jeff!

- Bianca Cruzeira

Jeffrey showed me how powerful the Psychological Gesture(s) truly are. With concentration he gives each actor 100% individual attention and insight. While he taught me about acting he also trimmed off some of the fat (bad acting habits). Jeffrey always has your best interest at heart and seems to know just how to reach you and make your art better!

- Hal Sharf, USA

As an actor who tends to get stuck in her head, I am truly grateful for the chance Jeff provided me with to learn a method of approaching a character through physical actions. Under Jeff’s careful instruction, I experienced the techniques working through me as intended. He provides an open and relaxed atmosphere that allows you the freedom to experiment with these techniques without self-consciousness. It was a rare opportunity and I am very glad I was able to take advantage of it.

- Michelle Hand, USA

Studying with Jeffrey gave my further insight as to how I can find the emotional life by taking action to move my body in very specific ways. He gave me tools to find how the character I’m working on might express what I am experiencing and provided a trusting space to not be afraid of surprising myself. 

- Ellinor Olmarken

Jeffrey is the coach every actor needs to work with.  His trained eye sees your potential and he does not give up - not until you reach beyond your individual limit.  He places very high demands on your being involved in the work, just as much as he claims on himself as a teacher.

- Annica Duell Liljeblad 

Jeffrey opened a new world for me in creating a character.  The psychological gesture, the qualities of movement (floating, flying, molding, radiating) have helped me find a different way to reach emotion and motivation.  Jeffrey took me from a state of confusion and frustration of being presented with something entirely different from what I knew, to an understanding of this new and enlightened technique of creating.  I am grateful I had the opportunity to do this work and would recommend Jeffrey due to his mastery of this technique.

- David Wassilak

Jeffrey has an ability to see what each actor specifically needs. He has taught me a lot about what being honest with myself and what I am experiencing in the moment really means. He is honest, patient, very dedicated and working with him is a great challenge but you always feel very safe with him. By working with atmospheres and centers he gave me the tools to explore and develop characters in a new way – one that I had not experienced before. He always says, “slow down”. That is what he really helped me do; to slow down and listen to myself.

- Denise Olsson

I am thankful that Jeffrey never stops pushing until I am really living in the moment. He encourages me and teaches me to liberate and let go of all the walls I am holding on to, to let myself experience what I am experiencing, and learn how to work with it, and use it in the craft. I am learning how to express honest experiences in the craft - Jeffrey settles for nothing less.

- Nesma Saleh

I want to thank you for the training as it is now helping me do the trapeze act I am doing at the City Museum. After rehearsal last night I was unbelievably stiff and sore. Another actor said it was because I was straining, trying too hard.  She told me to remember your class, to breathe, to relax by working with the floating or flying qualities. Now I am feeling sure that will work. So I thank you very much dear Jeffrey! 

- Elizabeth Herring, USA


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